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Milestones and activities

20.07. - 08.09.2006 Chemnitz/DE
exhibition "textile industry and textile design in saxony 1880 - 1923" at the Kunstsammlungen Chemnitz
20.07.2006 Chemnitz/DE
exhibition opening "textile industry and textile design in saxony 1880 - 1923" and 6th Van-de-Velde dialogue
06./06.07.2006 Bielsko Biala/PL
meeting with the topic of enlarging the EuroTextileRegion
20. - 22.06.2006 Leipzig/DE
Z 2006 - subcontractor fair
topic: automobile subcontractors and mechanical engineering
20.06.2006 Leipzig/DE
III polish-saxon economy forumon the occasion of Z 2006
31.05.2006 Waldheim/DE
vti-gerneral meeting with the sensational lecture of the manager of TRIGEMA GmbH, Mr. Grupp
18.05. - 31.08.2006 Chemnitz/DE
rooms for free "factory europe-remenber the future"
16 leading art and design academies from 16 countries in europe (among other Germany, Czech republik, Poland, France) presenting textile-, fashion- and interior installation
27./28.04.2006 Wroclaw/PL
working meeting and exchange of experience with the polish federationSWP
April 2006 Dvur Kralove/CZ
colloquium on textile finishing
07.04.2006 Chemnitz/DE
discussion on textile finishing cooperations
05./06.04.2006 Wroclaw/PL
discussion of annual assignment 2006 with the polish union
29.03.2006 Liberec/CZ
meeting with AiF Berlin/Prag to make preparations for Mobiltex 2006 at TU Liberec
middle of march Brandenburg/Sachsen
position paper sent to ministry of saxony and brandenburg , discussion of posion paper at SMWA
07./08.03.2006 Chemnitz/DE
8th symposium on "textile filter"
14.-16.02.2006 Brno/CZ
Styl-fashion fair
26.01.2006 Chemnitz/DE
BAUTEX 2006 - 7th saxon symposium on building textiles
january/february2006 Germany/Czech Republik
network-initiative of technical textiles called into being
january 2006 Chemnitz/DE
making the positionpaper topical
18.01.2006 Liberec/CZ
years opening meeting of all ETR-speakers at the technical university
05.12.2005 Zittau/DE
working meeting with the topic of virtual cooperation stock
november 2005 Großschönau/Chemnitz
Jan. 2004 - Dez. 2005 3-CIP – project, a contribution to present the “Dreiländereck” (border region) between Germany, Poland and Czech Republic in clear economical outline. The core trade team of the textile industry is heated by the manager of the vti, Mister Merkel. The realisation of this project takes place in close cooperation between 3-CIP and the EuroTextilRegion (body responsible for 3-CIP: innovation and work Saxony)
12/2004 bis 5/2005 study trip to the USA (offered by the World Trade Center Frankfurt/Oder , the American embassy and the spokesmen council of the EuroTextilRegion) this is to be the first activity of the EuroTextilRegion that is supported by the American embassy.
08. - 09.12.2004 Forst/D
8th. symposium on textiles
12.10.2004 Dvur Kralove / CZ
Symposium of textile at INOTEX, lectures on the subject of strategy of innovations, besides a presentation of the EuroTextilRegion
30.09.2004 Dresden / D
brainstorming with ATOK, discussion on supported projects, coordination of common work on the homepage of EuroTextilRegion
autumn 2004 Chemnitz / Liberec / Łódź
Development and completion of the EuroTextilRegion data bank, telefon activities (an inquiry) from Liberec and Lodz to complete the companies communication (e.g. fax, homepage, email)
11.-13.09.2004 Leipzig / D
COMFORTEX ´04, Third three-country booth, this time with the topic creativity, workshop “Rooms for free” on September 13th
06./07.09.2004 Wroclaw / PL
Meeting at marshal-office Wroclaw, discussion about a small project for Poland
27.08.2004 Varnsdorf / CZ
Textile-conference at the company VELVETA, brainstorming with the manager of ATOK and the czech spokesmen council, communiqué refer to EuroTextilRegion accepted by ATOK-menbers
24.08.2004 Görlitz / D
Brainstorming with the polish spokesmen council, visit to company GÖRLITZ FLEECE
Topics of the meeting:- preparation of the three-country booth and workshops at COMFORTEX ´04; - textile-conference in Varnsdorf; - 8th symposium of textiles in Forst; - work within the EuroTextilRegion – homepage and data bank;
22.07.2004 Forst / D
Federal-press journey in the EuroTextilRegion, visit to the BEKLEIDUNGSWERK FORST with the topic “future starts here
22.06.2004 Leipzig / D
Czech-saxon economic forum, attendance of SMWA (saxon ministry of economy and labour) – Mrs. Bride at the EuroTextilRegion Workshop
09./10.06.2004 Chemnitz / D
Mobiltex-innovation forum together with 180 participants from the industrial section of automobile subcontractor
24. - 28.05.2004 Lichtenwalde / D
International design-workshop at the baroque castle Lichtenwalde together with 8 european design universities, week program with circa 30 european students
05./06.05.2004 Zittau / D
4 – country innovation conference
may 5th - setting up the innovation network in Zittau at company PLOUQUET
may 6th – publishing the internet platform and sending out the common declaration of the patrons the secretary of state Dr. Gillo from Saxony (as representative of Dr. Gillo Frau Bride) and minister Junghanns from Brandenburg via email to all addresses from EuroTextilRegion data bank
13./14.04.2004 Dvur Kralove / CZ
Three-country brainstorming to the topic of research
Position paper with the strategy until 2006
13.04.2004 Guben / D
Brainstorming with minister president Platzeck from Brandenburg, presentation of EuroTextilRegion
04./05.04.2004 Dresden / D
Polish-saxon economic forum
05.03.2004 Zgorzelec / PL
Brainstorming with polish working pool
06.02.2004 Liberec / CZ
research consultation at the TU Liberec cooperation agreement to setting up an innovation network
10.-11.12.2003 Forst / D
7th symposium on textiles
15.-16.09.2003 Brno / CZ
German-czech entrepreneur forum
08.09.2003 Leipzig / D
2. Comfortex in Leipzig
12.06.2003 Berlin / D
entrepreneur discussion with the BMWA (Federal ministry for economics and labour)
24.04.2003 Asch / CZ
cooperation meeting
08.04.2003 Zilina Gora / PL
Textile workshop
17.-19-02.2003 Brno
International fashion fair
10.-11.12.2002 Cottbus / D
6th symposium of textiles
28.-29.11.2002 Jilina Gora
Textile info network
13.-15.09.2002 Leipzig / D
03.-04.06.2002 Ohorn / D
25.-26.01.2002 Lagow / PL
19.11.2001 Zittau / D
trade information conference
13.-14.11.2001 Liberec / CZ
07.-09.11.2001 Lodz / PL
08.-09.10.2001 Bautzen / D
07.-08.09.2001 Liberec/CZ
22.-23.03.2001 Liberec/CZ
06.-07.02.2001 Dresden
07.12.2000 5th symposium of textile (1. Letter of Intent)



Final workshop of project InMaTex in Wroclaw



Final workshop of project InMaTex at “mtex” fair in Chemnitz



Special industry day “Textiles” 2013 in Zittau



Training “Innovation forum of clothing manufacturing” in Wroclaw



Training “Product configuration - Effective methods of product development of individual textile products” in Chemnitz



Training “Individual textile products - Automatic body measurement and development of customized cuts” in Chemnitz



Workshop on presentation of project results InCoTex at Fashion Fair Schkeuditz



Kick-off meeting InMaTex in Görlitz